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Rexmonitor is simple server monitoring service. It's strengths are:
How to install
- Create an account. You will receive a client id and each machine will have it's machine id.
- Download agent (StatsRecorder.exe) for your operating system. Agent is written in C# and requires .net 4.5 or higher for windows and mono 3.0 or higher for linux.
- Open StatsRecorder.exe.config and specify your client id and machine id there.
- Schedule agent to run once per minute (other intervals not going to work). It's important to make it run with highest privileges (root in linux). In windows use task scheduler, in linux - crontab:
   sudo crontab -e
   */1 * * * * mono /path/to/StatsRecorder.exe
- That's it - the agent will collect and send data once per minute.

Windows stats recorder
Linux stats recorder

What the data means
Agents use these performance counters:
Notification system
Rexmonitor supports writing your own code (currently in C# only) to determine whether an email should be sent. Here is how it works: Example code:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
namespace Rextester
    public class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            var cpu_120 = new List<long>() {0}; //last 2 hours data
            var ram_120 = new List<long>() {0}; //last 2 hours data
            var space_1 = new List<long>() {0}; //last minute data

            var RAM_MB = 0; //RAM size will be inserted (in megabytes)
            var DISK_SPACE_MB = 0; //total available disk space will be inserted (in megabytes)

            //last 10 minutes cpu average > 90%
            if(cpu_120.Skip(110).Average() > 90)
                Console.Write("1 last 10 minutes cpu average > 90%: {0}", cpu_120.Skip(110).Average());
            //last 10 minutes ram average less than 1000Mb free
            if(ram_120.Skip(110).Average() > (RAM_MB - 1000))
                Console.Write("1 last 10 minutes ram average less than 1000Mb free: {0}", ram_120.Skip(110).Average());
            //change of cpu pattern
            if(cpu_120.Take(80).Average() > cpu_120.Skip(80).Average() + 15 ||
               cpu_120.Take(80).Average() < cpu_120.Skip(80).Average() - 15)
                Console.Write("1 change of cpu pattern");
            //free disk space less than 10 Gb
            if(space_1.Any(f => f > (DISK_SPACE_MB - 10000)))
                Console.Write("1 free disk space less than 10 Gb");

Note that any code allowed at rextester C# language could be written. This includes, for example, pinging some web service and checking it's output and response time.

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